You can install Ansible on many systems with pip. Pip is the main Python package manager.

Prerequisites for installing pip:

If pip is not already installed on your system, then you should run the following commands to install all package into your system.

$ curl -o
$ python --user

Installing Ansible with pip:

After completing the installation of pip, you can install Ansible.

$ python -m pip install --user ansible

If you will be in need of using the paramiko connection plugin or modules that require paramiko , install the required module:

$ python -m pip install…

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Hey developers or the people who do not have any IT background but looking for a job! Do you consider starting a new career journey in AWS Cloud and DevOps fields… If you get excited but still have some concerns about whether you are eligible to obtain the required skills and do the job accordingly, please be patient and follow my advice.

Today, many people, for some reason, want to change their career or want to start a brand new career from scratch. It is normal, as a human being, we need a job to survive and pay the bills…

Are you a developer? (or just looking for a well-paying job and wondering if IT is for you?)

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Today’s best careers can be found in AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud and DevOps fields. You don’t need to have a background in IT to start learning — it just takes determination to master the top 10 skills needed for AWS & DevOps success. If you’re already working in IT, maybe your skills are a little stale? You may be feeling your knowledge is slowly becoming obsolete in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing tech world? …

IN today’s industry work experience is not everything. Once you meet the basic requirements there is only one thing left standing between you and your job which is a “job interview”.Today I will explain a question that developers are always asked in interviews.

The compiler is a program that takes source code written in a high-level programming language as input and produces output in machine language according to the architecture of the machine. The machine code that is produced as output can be run again and again at any time with different inputs.

We can use the Java Compiler as…

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What exactly is a p-value?

The p-value tells you how likely it is that your data could have occurred under the null hypothesis. It does this by calculating your test statistic’s likelihood, which is the number calculated by a statistical test using your data.

The p-value tells you how often you would expect to see a test statistic as extreme or more extreme than the one calculated by your statistical test if the null hypothesis of that test was true. …

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